Our team has put great effort in training our delegates to be ready and able to win even in their first conference. Furthermore, we are really proud to say that half of our awards last year were won by freshmen in our team. This leads us to believe that the future for our club is bright. Therefore, we want to be able to provide our members with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed in Model UN.

Unfortunately, with the current budget we are not able to cover the full cost of the conferences. As a result we have to make our members to contribute towards our finances. These conference dues are a necessity for our club to function, however, many of our member do require financial assistance. And while we have made ever effort to accommodate those with extenuating financial circumstances, sadly, some of our members have not been able to conferences. Moreover, our current funding does not allow us to compete with colleges in top 25 nationwide. Thus, we are unable to provide our members with the best Model UN experiences, which is disappointing considering the time and effort our members dedicate to this organization. Lastly, the financial hindrance means we are not able to compete in enough conferences to place Johns Hopkins in top teams of the country.

Therefore, to provide our members with a fulfilling Model UN experience and alleviate the financial burden we are seeking sponsorships. If you are interested in sponsoring us please contact us using the form below. As a non-profit organization all donations are tax exempt and will be processed through the Johns Hopkins Student Activities Office.