This is Victoria Laney, and for some weird reason we thought it would be a good idea if she managed our money this year.

Victoria is a senior majoring in Chemical and Bio-molecular Engineering but that’s what she does on the side. That’s because apart from being treasurer for HopMUN she is also the President of Theta Tau at hopkins (Engineering fraternity) and President of the Institute for Nano-Biotechnology. She is also involved in at least 3 more organization. As I am writing this she probably became president of one more organization.

She also has a passion for the arts (painting and photography being her favorites) as well as sports (dragon-boating) and politics (she is a closeted republican). Ā Apart from all that she somehow always finds time to go on long coffee walks around campus.

Put simply, the club doesn’t run without Victoria. She is the person with the most experience and understands it better that anyone else does or ever will. Her effort and care for the club are unparalleled and making sure we don’t go bankrupt is the least of the things she does.

If you ever meet her she will be sure to tell you how funny she is and try to convince you that Australia is “the bomb-diggity”. What you should really know about Victoria is that in the end she is kinda brilliant all around.


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