General Members

HopMUN is not just an organization. We are a team made up of amazing individuals who devoted themselves towards Model UN while pursuing full time degrees. Our members are quite frankly, awesome! Don’t believe me? See their stats below:

Ajay Mehta

Aksel Kohen

Aleena Nasir

Aleks Garcia

Alexandra Marksteiner

Amanda Donoghue

Andrew McGahren

Alisha Anand

Anthony Bautista

Ash Panakam

Belu Wu

Bernard Sarmiento

Caroline Lupetini

Diana Tappert

Divya Baron

Gayatri Pillai

Isadora Schaller

Ishu Sivakumar

Jonah Kasdan

Leo Graeff

Marianna Lordou

Matt Naeher

Matthieu Ortiz

Navya Ravoori

O’Reilly Miani

Rachel Mueller

Reily Gibson

Rich Shah

Roshni Ahmed

Ryan Lucas

Sahib Singh

Sarah McKeown

Serena Fretcher

Shubhayu Bhattacharyay

Sonak Kolar

Sophie Mirviss

Sun Jay Yoo

Syed Martin

Teo Icliyurek

Vrshank Ravi

William Klink

Maya Amgaabaatar

Zoya Sattar






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